Janitor in West Chester, Hamilton, Fairfield OHIO at Crown Services, Inc

Date Posted: 2/4/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Individual will provide and maintain a clean and sanitary work environment, while complying with current ISO requirements, all safety requirements, and good housekeeping standards.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1.0 Clean, stock, and deodorize all restrooms daily.

2.0 Empty trash containers throughout the plant daily.

3.0 Keep aisles swept (and mopped if needed) and clear obstacles for clean, easy safe passage.

4.0 Clean cafeteria and vending area daily.

5.0 Clean around machinery and equipment as needed.

6.0 Proper use of all cleaning supplies and equipment for the safety of self and others.

7.0 Work with Purchasing department and supervisors to maintain adequate cleaning supplies and equipment.

8.0 Collect dirty rags (where applicable).

9.0 Complies with current ISO requirements.

10.0 Complies with all safety requirements

11.0 May be required to other tasks as directed by supervisors.

12.0 Successfully complete:

12.1 Safety Training

12.2 Quality Training

12.3 ISO Training

13Become familiar with the entire facility and how these areas are involved in the performance of everyday duties.

14Know where janitorial and other supplies are kept.

15Become familiar with other employees in the area who may be able to provide assistance when needed.

16Understand all cleaning duties in the break room and outside break areas.

17Understand all cleaning duties in the bathrooms.

18Understand all cleaning duties in the offices.

Job Requirements

  • Emptying trash, sweeping, mopping, cleaning restrooms
  • Remove trash and clean trash receptacles
  • Emptying trash cans, dusting, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, mopping, dusting
  • Perform heavy cleaning duties such as cleaning floors and shampooing rugs
  • Pull trash from trash receptacles
  • Perform refinishing and cleaning of floors
  • Perform cleaning duties such as mopping, sweeping, buffing floors
  • Mopping or vacuuming floors, dusting, cleaning restrooms, collecting garbage
  • Emptying trash, sweeping, and cleaning surfaces
  • Maintaining a clean environment by cleaning restrooms daily, restocking paper supplies, cleaning facility
  • Dusting furniture, cleaning windows, keeping bathrooms clean and supplies
  • Sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, taking out trash, cleaning bathrooms
  • Operate floor cleaning equipment to clean designate warehouse areas
  • Remove trash by emptying trash containers
  • Perform such cleaning duties as sweeping, mopping of floors, and vacuuming of seats and upholstery using appropriate cleaning equipment
  • Clean laundry rooms daily, sweeping dusting and mopping floors
  • Seek out areas requiring cleaning
  • Assist in cleaning guest rooms
  • Assist in cleaning guest rooms
  • Perform heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, cleaning restrooms, break rooms, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish