Production in West Chester, Hamilton, Fairfield OHIO at Crown Services, Inc

Date Posted: 2/4/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Heavy Lifters 50-75 LBS.


1. You must comply with standard work instructions provided by your controller.

a) You are to follow the policies of our company (UIC) work place. If you do not know policies, talk with your controller.

b) You are not to perform work except the work you are assigned.

2. If the machine equipment is not working properly or abnormality occurs, stop the operation and call the Controller using the ANDON. Abnormality means the machine is operating differently than usual meaning something is wrong.

3. Call the Controller using the ANDON to restock the materials/components when you see they are low. If you wait until the material run out, it will stop the line and this is not allowed.

4. Call Controller using the ANDON for approval when you must leave the work area other than assigned breaks. You must not leave work area until you are relieved by Controller.

5. Defective Parts:

a) Red Box: For defective parts, mark the spot with a red marker and place into red box. (shooter) It is prohibited to leave a defective part in any location at any time other than red box. (shooter)

b) Yellow Box: If you are unable to determine whether a part is defective, mark the part with red marker and place into yellow box. Place any material/component that have fallen on the floor into the yellow box for fallen parts.

6. If you do not understand a work instruction, ask Controller/Group Lead until you fully understand. If you work without understanding the process, it may cause making a defective part.

7. End of Shift: You must clean your work area, equipment and jig every day at the end of your shift.

8. Uniforms and Personal Property

a) Tee Shirts: You are provided 5 tee shirts which are part of your uniform. These tee shirts must be worn everyday while at work.

b) All personal items must be kept in your locker or automobile. Personal belonging and non-essentials are not to be brought into work area.

c) Cell phones are prohibited in the work area. Cell phones air to remain in your locker or automobile except for designated break times.

d) Food and drink is not allowed in the production areas and this includes but not limited to, chewing gum, chewing tobacco, nuts etc. Drinking water is allowed at water stations located in the clean rooms. Other than water stations, food and drink is only allowed in break room areas.

9. Point System - You must comply with guidelines of point system.

10. Q-Care-You must comply with contents of the Q-Care.

11. Other duties assigned by management.


' HS Diploma or GED

' Must have good communication skills and English language skills to communicate with Supervisor, Team Leader, and other operators.

' PLEX proficiency

' Must be company oriented

' Reliable and excellent attendance

' Able to deal with stress and one's own attitude

' Take charge and Can-Do attitude.

Job Requirements

  • Resolve assembly and production issues
  • Perform assembly on parts assembly line process for light industrial manufacturing
  • Perform production packing and assembly work for a warehouse or production company
  • Operate designated assembly/packaging equipment
  • Interpret assembly drawings to perform basic assembly operations
  • Exceeding quality and production standards
  • Prepare and clean assembly area prior to production setup
  • Depending upon how similar previous work experience is
  • Set up assembly for production
  • Maintain quality and/or production standards
  • Searching for a production associate
  • Participate as an active member of the production assembly team and assemble products
  • Inspect product to verify production specifications
  • Completing production and quality forms
  • Maintain required quality and production levels
  • Operate filler and production line
  • Perform light assembly of products
  • Coordinate all production and non-production activities to meet production, quality, and safety goals (KPI)
  • Monitor quality of parts used in the assembly process
  • Used in the production process