Molding Operator Assistant in Menomonee Falls at Crown Staffing

Date Posted: 9/14/2022

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Under the direction of the Molding Set-Up Operator, operate and maintain compression

injection molding machines and several deburring operation machines such as a

wheelabrator, degater, and tumbler.

Job Requirements

Operate and maintain molding presses proper

temperatures, cycle time, and vacuum units. Assist with removal and installation of molds

from presses and load parts into the appropriate deburring machine operation. Check

molded parts for dimension, finish, and remove flash.

A. Assist the Molding Set-Up Technician on the molding presses to perform standardized work

by maintaining proper temperatures and set cycle time for molding.

B. Setups are made and maintained by technicians, but operators can remove and install molds,

along with maintaining the vacuum unit at a prescribed level.

C. Must be capable of recognizing defective materials, parts, and machine malfunctions.

D. Keep molds clean and vents open; fiber brush molds on an hourly basis.

E. Load and operate wheelabrator/tumbler to remove flash/scale from parts for specified finish.

F. Carefully perform uniform cleaning that is necessary for molders to operate properly, avoiding

damage to or breakage of parts.

G. Assist lapping operation by processing parts for lapping process & vision system inspection.

H. If parts require degating, load parts in the degater hopper and adjust abrasive and cycling

time to suit cleaning requirements.

I. Generally close tolerance work where dimensional and surface finish requirements are not

difficult to maintain due to machine setups of cycling time and feed of abrasive.

J. Will operate and maintain all machinery according to training instructions and will also be

responsible for the inspection of product.